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Procedure Guides for patients considering plastic surgery on a range of different procedures.

Breast Augmentation Guide Download

Breast Implants: Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery? Get the guide!

Click the image to request a download.

PLUS – read the Breast Augmentation procedure and recovery page.

Breast Reduction Guide Download

Considering Breast Reduction Surgery? Get the REDUCTION MAMMOPLASTY guide!

Click the image to request a download.

Tip: Review the Breast Reduction procedure information page.

Breast Lift Guide Download

Considering Breast Lift Surgery? Get the guide MASTOPEXY surgery e-book/guide.

Click the image to request a download.

Tip: Review the Breast Lift MASTOPEXY procedure information page.

Tummy Tuck Guide Download

Considering Tummy Tuck Surgery? Download our handy Guide.

Click the image to request a download.

Tip: Review the ABDOMINOPLASTY Tummy Tuck Surgery procedure information page.

Arm Lift Guide Download

Need Arm Reduction Surgery to reduce flabby-looking upper arms? Get the GUIDE.

Tip: Review the ARM LIFT/Brachioplasty Surgery information page.

Nose Job Guide Download

Considering Nose Job Surgery? Get the guide.

Tip: Read the RHINOPLASTY nose reshaping surgery information page.

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

Considering Facelift or Neck Lift Surgery? Download our informative cosmetic facial surgery book(s).

Tip: Read the FACELIFT information page or read the Necklift overview.




Need Revision Breast Surgery?

Get the Guide for Breast Surgery Revisions. Phone us to request your copy or send in a form.

Male Brest Reduction Guide Download

Male Breast Reduction? Download the Guide.

Tip: Visit the Gynaecomastia Surgery Information page.


Blepharoplasty Guide Download

Drooping Eyelids? Get our Blepharoplasty Guide!

Tip: Visit the EYELID surgery page.

Skin Reduction Guide Download

Excess Skin Reduction Guide – Guide to Skin Reduction Surgery after Weight Loss.

Tip: Visit our Body Contouring and skin reduction surgery options page PLUS the Post-weight loss skin surgery and Liposuction pages – great resource after you’ve had bariatric surgery.


Want to know MORE about your Cosmetic Surgery options, or how to choose a Surgeon?

You’ve found our PROCEDURE GUIDES page, containing downloadable e-BOOKS and blogs. These resources will help you better understand what’s involved with popular plastic surgery procedures – and how to research your best cosmetic surgery options in Australia.

These Downloadable PDF eBooks are RECOMMENDED for patients exploring different cosmetic surgery procedures.

  • downloadable – no cost
  • easy-to-read format
  • contains helpful research information about various cosmetic surgery options
  • helps you know which questions to ask your Surgeon

How to use our eBooks:

  • best read BEFORE attending a consultation with a top Plastic Surgeon
  • helps you get the MOST out of your consultation
  • great precursor for attending an Information Evening EVENT
  • you can also phone a Patient Care Coordinator on 0388491444 with questions

Need help planning? Want to understand how to speed up your surgery recovery?

If YES, visit our PLANNING and RECOVERY GUIDES pages (click here).

Additional RESOURCES for Patients considering Plastic Surgery

Specific Cosmetic Surgery Procedure eBooks – Ultimate Guides for Surgery Patients

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