Cosmetic Surgery Prices – Average Cosmetic Surgery Costs | Australia

How much does it COST to have cosmetic surgery in Melbourne? And why are there differences in surgery PRICES in Australia? Get the AVERAGE PRICE RANGES of popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Melbourne, Australia – including the factors that determine how MUCH your surgery will cost


Cosmetic Surgery PRICES (Melbourne COST ranges and average prices)

Breast Surgery costs (cosmetic and plastic surgery)

PRICES: Breast Implant Surgery 

COST – Breast Augmentation/Implants (Average PRICE in Melbourne)

PRICES: Breast Reduction Surgery 

COST – Breast Reduction Surgery (Average PRICE in Melbourne) 

PRICES: Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty and Eyelid Surgery Cost (Average PRICES in Melbourne)

PRICES: Rhinoplasty 

COST of Rhinoplasty – nose job (average prices in Melbourne)

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Details: what’s good to know about cosmetic surgery COSTS and price differences?

  • Are you seeing major PRICE DIFFERENCES for plastic cosmetic surgery procedures?
  • While this may be confusing at first, these differences typically indicate the surgery is either
    • NOT inclusive of everything needed AND/OR
    • not being performed by a seasoned specialist AND/OR
    • being performed using AWAKE methods but not general anaesthetic

TIP: be sure you’re using a genuinely qualified FRACS, AHPRA-recognised Plastic Surgeon.

Otherwise, you could end up surprised at how little experience your chosen surgeon has, including their lack of hospital operating and admitting rights – because they just aren’t at the same professional level as a fully-qualified, FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

  • It’s best to REVIEW in detail – and to ask – what is actually COVERED in your quote
  • beware low-cost pricing advertisements for cosmetic surgery – you may find you avoid out-of-pocket COSTS you weren’t expecting.
  • Read more to find out advertised cosmetic surgery prices are often not accurately portrayed – beware the hidden expenses of a non-inclusive plastic surgery cost QUOTE or price estimate that DOESN’T include:
    • recovery aids
    • garments
    • follow-up care
    • hospital charges
    • facility fees
    • Anaesthetist and more!

Are costs of cosmetic surgery in Australia a bit misleading?

How to spot a misleading low-cost advertisement for breast augmentation and other low-rate cosmetic surgery procedures.

It’s important to review what actually covered in your cosmetic surgery price QUOTE – and to read the FINE PRINT in the ADVERTISEMENTS or price quotes before consenting on surgery OR choosing a Surgeon.



Here’s why the Price of Cosmetic Surgery in Australia – varies in terms of Average Costs and Price Ranges

  • You may have noticed DIFFERENCES in cosmetic surgery prices in Australia
    • you may have spotted low cost advertisements for cosmetic surgery and/or
    • ‘breast surgery specials’ and discounted consultations
  • These are considered “Inducements to surgery” – particularly discount surgery “specials” or no-cost consultations – and much of these ads could be argued as being in breach of Australian medical codes relating to cosmetic surgery.
  • Additionally, not all Surgeons are actually bonafide PLASTIC SURGEON Specialists. Many are simply GPs or skin doctors who have not completed over 12 to 14 years of surgical training (some took a year long course, others a weekend course, and nearly any doctor can use the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’).
  • So look for a PLASTIC SURGEON to be sure you’re getting a highly trained professional with current RACS recognition in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery (FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon qualifications/membership).

Quality vs Price in Cosmetic Surgery Costs Comparisons

  • Ads can lead patients to shop on price rather than quality, which can result in disappointment with surgical results and safety standards.
  • Remember, surgery can involve the “quick method” (cookie-cutter) or a more comprehensive, well-planned approach – these can vary tremendously in terms of outcomes and satisfaction with results.
  • So be sure you fully investigate your Surgeon’s MEDICAL and SURGICAL training and qualifications according to AHPRA and RACS – don’t just take a doctor’s word for it if they claim to be a Plastic Surgeon – and if they are NOT a Plastic surgeon, be sure you get a second opinion by a Plastic Surgeon who has had far more training and testing than a general cosmetic doctor.

Discount shopping is NOT recommended for serious surgery procedures (and ALL surgery is invasive, hence serious, as invasive surgery always carries risks) – 2019 surgery prices.

  • Everyone wants an online bargain – but price shopping for cosmetic surgery is NOT recommended.
  • Discounted or low-cost cosmetic surgery (so called ‘specials’) may leave many patients with something they DIDN’T bargain for – an unsatisfactory surgery results, potential disfigurement – or worse.
  • Surgeon TIP: A body, face or nose is NOT replaceable – so shopping on price is NOT recommended. Remember, you can’t ‘return the operation’ once it’s completed.

You will typically live with your surgery results for a lifetime. So it’s simply not worth skimping on the quality of your Surgeon or your surgery experience.


Sadly, advertisements cause confusion for medical patients, who aren’t familiar with the differences in Surgeon education, expertise and tested abilities.

Consumers often remain unaware of differences in surgery types and pricing differences or types of Surgeons who provide these services. This Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Price PAGE is a resource for patients wanting to become informed consumers of Plastic Surgery offers in Australia.

Overview of Price Differences and Australia Cosmetic Surgery Costs (Averages)

We cover price difference and average price ranges below.

But which factors contribute to HOW MUCH a surgery costs – or how much a Surgeon charges?

  • experience of the Surgeon in that procedure
  • formal training and qualifications
  • degree of customisation, advanced techniques and suturing, safety measures and other surgical components
  • types of anaesthesia and pain management plus follow up care
  • premium vs cheap brands (breast implants), drains vs no drains
  • incision placement, incision healing aids and rapid-recovery protocols
  • post-up recovery aids
  • recovery necessities
    • garments
    • scar management
    • healing reviews
  • hospital operating privileges (top Surgeons usually have private and/or public hospital operating rights and admission rights in facilities such as St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Masada, Epworth, St Johns’ Hospital of Berwick and more)

Cosmetic Consumer Warnings

Most low-cost procedures are advertised by NON-Specialist surgeons, e.g. a doctor who does NOT have recognition by AHPRA as being a bonafide Plastic Surgeon.


Watch ABC’s FOUR CORNERS report on low-cost breast surgery outcomes and cosmetic surgery disasters in Sydney.

  • Understand that low-cost cosmetic surgery or discount breast augmentation advertisements may be deceptive in nature OR not actually involve a Specialist Plastic Surgeon or hospital setting.

Price Ranges for Cosmetic Surgery – low cost, mid-range and premium

In general in Australia, cost differences relate to major DIFFERENCES in the operation components which we’ve classified below as:

  • Low Cost Cosmetic Surgery
  • Mid-range Surgery Prices
  • Premium Care Plastic Surgery for Cosmetic Procedures

Find out more – continue reading.

Surgeon’s TIP: “Choosing a low cost option MAY mean that a less experienced doctor is operating on you, or that they are using cheap implants or less advanced techniques or ‘awake’ surgery methods if they do not operate in an accredited private Hospital.”

Average Costs of Cosmetic Surgery – Price Ranges | Melbourne VICTORIA in Australia

+-Low Cost Cosmetic Surgery - Price Ranges and Classifications

Low Cost Cosmetic Surgery – offered as discounts or specials in advertisements – may indicate the following:

  • Usually do not involve a genuine, fully-accredited Australia hospital theatre
    • May be a back room only vs St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Epworth, Masada and St John of God (Berwick).
  • Usually NOT a Specialist Plastic Surgeon
    • Potentially a General Practitioner or skin doctor who may have taken a year-long course but who never gained accreditation and training as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon
    • NOTE: most hospitals do not allow a GP or other non-FRACS cosmetic surgeon to operate in their theatre facilities
    • That’s because they are not actual Specialists and
    • Because they do not meet operating qualifications criteria in Australia hospitals
  • May be overseas or a junior doctor rather than one holding Specialist medical and surgical qualifications monitored in Australia.
  • May use less expensive low-quality breast prosthesis rather than reputable brands and highly rated breast implant types or brands, supplied by well-respected manufacturers in Australia.
  • For example, an average low cost or discounted price for Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant Surgery) might be advertised as being from around $8,ooo to nearly $10,000; and may potentially involve:
    • non-hospital operating conditions (clinic back room – not the best for an emergency situation as shown in ABC’s Four Corners story)
    • awake anaesthetic (twilight) vs general anaesthetic
    • hidden costs for all follow-up care
    • limited post-op care or being charged for all post-operative care reviews
    • no supply of recommended post-op garments
    • no Rapid Recovery pack or healing and recovery aids
    • no scar management such
  • Remember, a cosmetic surgeon is not equal to a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in terms of accreditation, formal training, Medical Board and AHPRA recognition and surgical examinations.
  • Suggestion: search our pages for articles Cosmetic Vs Plastic Surgeon AND learn the prices of low cost breast implants, mid-range breast augmentation and premium implant options.

+-Mid-Range Cosmetic Surgery - Price Ranges and Classifications.

Mid-range cosmetic surgery costs –  average prices, cost differences

  • May – or may not – involve a fully-accredited Australia Private Hospital such as St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Epworth, Masada and St John of God (Berwick).
    • If not in a hospital, may use a high-tech surgical facility that meets accreditation
    • Might be a clinic back room that lacks specialised equipment or sanitation monitoring
  • May or may not involve a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon
    • Check education and AHPRA accreditation and memberships
    • Also check how many operations they have performed
    • Review how long that Surgeon has been in practice in Australia
    • Read their Plastic Surgery Google Reviews and other online social media reviews – hear what patients say
  • May involve a less expensive breast implant (breast prosthesis)
  • May involve a lower-cost breast implant
    • Motiva breast implants are currently the most costly breast augmentation implant options in Australia, yet Motiva has been reported to offer certain advantages
    • Motiva brand implants are ONLY available from certified Plastic Surgeons because manufacturers do not allow Cosmetic Doctors to purchase them because they are not FRACS (Plas)
    • Mentor is also a reputable and reliable brand of breast implants in Australia
  • Click here to learn the mid-range costs of Breast Augmentation or mid-rate price for a breast augmentation.
  • A mid-range priced Breast Augmentation under $14,500 MAY potentially involve:

+-Premium Care - Customised Cosmetic Plastic Surgery - Price Ranges and Classifications.

Premium care and customised cosmetic surgery costs  – average prices, cost differences

  • Typically involves surgery performed in a fully-accredited Australia Private Hospital (see list below).
    • A highly-experienced and popular Specialist Plastic Surgeon
    • Surgeon has long-standing reputation in Australia and a local clinic that has positive online reviews
    • Surgeon typically has AHPRA accreditation and recognition as a genuine FRACS (Plas) – e.g., a bonafide Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
    • Surgeon tends to have current membership in ASAPS, ASPS, ISAPS and more.
    • Surgeon will have performed an extensive numbers of the procedure over many decades (verifiable expertise)
    • Online REVIEWS of the Plastic Surgeon across social media platforms report ‘highly recommended’ and 5-star patient care standards
    • Scars and recovery are properly managed by the Plastic Surgeon and his or her skilled Surgical Nurses rather than Junior Surgeons or practice managers/receptionists
    • TIP: review your Plastic Surgeon’s Google Reviews and other social media reviews – hear what patients say AND ask friends for a recommendation
    • Recognise Cosmetic doctors are NOT equal to Plastic Surgeons in terms of training/accreditation/medical board recognition.
  • May involve a higher cost, premium quality breast implant (e.g., a Motiva breast prosthesis or Mentor implants)
    • Motiva breast implants are the most expensive breast augmentation implant in Australia, however, Motiva has been reported to offer certain advantages
    • Motiva brand implants are ONLY available through certified Plastic Surgeons
      • Manufacturers do not allow general Cosmetic Doctors or non-Plastic Surgeons to offer these premium breast implant brands
    • Mentor is another highly reputable and reliable brand of breast implants in Australia and is slightly lower in cost than Motiva – both are popular with Plastic Surgeons and cosmetic surgery patients Australia
  • For example, a premium range Breast Augmentation can cost from $14,000 to $19,000. It may potentially involve:

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“Worth it” ratings for Popular Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery procedures – VALUE and REVIEWS

Is cosmetic surgery worth the cost? Price vs Benefits

  • Only a patient can decide if plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment is WORTH the cost or price of the procedure.
  • That noted, many patients we treat report high satisfaction rates with their surgical experience and results.
  • Every patient is different, however, and not all patients are satisfied 100% of the time – plus, surgery is invasive and hence has risks to consider.  Be sure you do your research and – browse our world’s best top 10 blogs on plastic surgery!

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