Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovery Tips after Cosmetic Surgery (Australia)

This page contains general RECOVERY information in relation to having cosmetic surgery. It is general in nature and does NOT constitute medical advice. Be sure you follow the recommended post-operative instructions provided directly from your Surgeon and contact your Surgeon with any questions or concerns.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Tips and Resources for patients

This page lists some helpful resources for your post-surgery healing period.

You may also find it helpful to review our top cosmetic surgery RECOVERY BLOGS and e-books for more tips.

  • NOTE: this info does NOT replace direct advice from your Surgeon
  • FOLLOW your Surgeon’s instructions precisely, including garments, bandaging, medications and wound care, to enable good results

recovering after cosmetic surgery - recovery tips

1: Ask your SURGEON for post-op guidelines and read the POST-OP RECOVERY GUIDE – plus, be sure you use your RAPID RECOVERY PACK.

  • use the items provided in your RAPID RECOVERY PACK
  • remember that surgery RECOVERY time frames and experiences will VARY from person to person
  • RISKS or COMPLICATIONS could delay your normal surgery recovery time estimates, so be patient

2: Remain healthy, calm and patient as you heal! Don’t do TOO much too soon and stay well-hydrated.

  • eat well and drink plenty of fluids
    • stay hydrated with water
    • don’t replace water intake with coffee or soft drinks – it’s not the same
  • rest adequately
    • but follow your surgeon’s advice on movement
    • gentle movement helps prevent complications that arise from being too sedentary for long periods
  • take good care of your emotional well-being after having cosmetic surgery
    • remind yourself WHY you wanted surgery performed
    • recognise you may have fluctuating emotions at first
  • never smoke before or after surgery
  • avoid consuming intoxicating substances
  • follow good nutritional advice and post-op exercise time frames (exercising heavily too soon can harm you or increase your scar formation)

Eat well, rest well and adopt healthy habits as you recover from cosmetic or plastic surgery.

hydration is important after surgery

3. Surgery Recovery Tips – Download and read the Guide e-Book

Review the Surgery Procedure Guide book and other materials from your Surgeon before and after you have surgery.


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Helping your recovery time go faster: what you should and shouldn’t do.

Can I speed up my recovery after cosmetic surgery? Plastic Surgery Tips and Recovery Guidelines.


Surgery Guidelines for Cosmetic Surgery recovery include helpful tips compiled from the experiences of our care team, which supports leading Australia FRACS (Plas) Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and eyelid surgery experts (shown below).



Meet the Surgical Team Members and Support Teams.

Our team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons’ affiliations include


Note Dr Burt is a Specialist Oculoplastic Surgeon with a practice dedicated purely to Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery and brow surgeries (upper face rejuvenation).

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Scientific Articles relating to Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic procedures (Cosmetic Surgery outcomes and research)

Download an easy to understand book with cosmetic surgery procedure information and plastic surgery recovery information (an e-book/Plastic Surgery Guide).

SMOKING will harm your recovery and increase your risks of surgery complications after cosmetic plastic surgery.

Accessed online on 15 November 2018. CM.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 

Other Resources for Patients

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (Find specialist plastic surgeons), Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (Patient Safety Regulated by Plastic Surgery Regulation Laws), Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (Information for patients), Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA (Register of practitioners), Health Victoria (The Department of Health and Human Services)