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Replacing Breast Implants: Changing Breast Implant Sizes, Types, Brands or Styles

Do you have existing breast implants? Are your breast implants getting old? If your breast prosthesis have been in place for some time – or you have a concern – you may want to replace your breast implants with newer types of implants or with a different size, content type, projection style or brand. Find out more about replacing breast implants in our blog – last updated 4 January 2019.


Two Ways to Change Out Your Breast Implants

Explantation vs Replacement of Older, Ageing Breast Implants

  • There are two ways to ‘explant’ implants – one is to REPLACE your older implants with a different, new style implant; the other is to explant your existing implants WITHOUT replacing them.
  • Both options MAY also benefit from a combined breast lift surgery depending on your skin ptosis and breast appearance desires.

Click here for information for implant removal without replacement.

For implant replacement (remove and swap) – a form of revision breast augmentation – continue reading.


Reasons to Replace your Breast Implants: changing out the size, shape, type, content-fill or brand

The most COMMON REASONS for exchanging or swapping out your existing breast implants include:

  • changing breast SIZE (larger or smaller implant sizes)
  • changing TYPE to a newer model, type or style of implant
  • changing FILL CONTENT
    • from silicon to saline
    • from saline to silicone

The SECOND most common reason for replacing your implants is:

  • ageing breast implant – read the lifetime of a breast implant warranty information
  • having a complication like a capsular contracture or a double-bubble
  • needing a revision augmentation to correct for pronounced breast asymmetry
  • cosmetic concerns or changed aesthetic preferences
  • concerns related to implant sensitivity or allergies
  • wanting the newer models of breast implants such as Motiva
  • needing a breast lift to treat ptosis (drooping breasts) after pregnancy or ageing

Best way to assess your existing breast implants

Best practice for breast augmentation surgery reviews and monitoring:

Stay vigilant about any changes to your breast shape or sensitivity – the same as women do who don’t have breast implants – and alert your Surgeon to any concerns.

Steps to assessing your surgery results and implant status:

  • keep all CONTACT information UP TO DATE with your clinical team and other health care providers
  • attend every ANNUAL check-up (or more frequently if warranted)
  • alert your Surgeon to any and all concerns
  • attend scan appointments such as MRIs or Ultrasounds if recommended for your breast implant concerns
  • ask to be registered on the breast prosthesis database if available in your region

Annual Breast Implant Reviews:

  • This is best done with your original Surgeon
  • It’s best if your breast Surgeon is LOCAL or nearby (e.g., nearby in Melbourne, Australia)
  • This can be an issue if you have overseas breast surgery with an unknown doctor.

TIP: Avoid having surgery overseas because breast surgery patients tend to lack adequate follow up care and reviews or revision options of their breast augmentation results when they have surgery in overseas facilities. Read DANGERS of OVERSEAS MEDICAL TOURISM.

When is the BEST TIME or AGE to replace your breast implants – and how do you go about doing so?


WHEN should I replace my breast implants?

There are varying opinions about the best time frames for replacing your implants.

Hence, the best time for revision breast surgery OR replacement of older-style breast implants can VARY.

  • While some patients successfully keep their implants in place for decades, most breast implant manufacturers recommend a 10 year life span.
  • Research also indicates that older, AGEING breast implants are susceptible to HIGHER potential risks or complications.
  • Sometimes newer models become available, which also lead to a request for replacing implants.

People who smoke, however, have higher risks of complications with breast implants.

  • Smoking not only increases all surgery related risks and result longevity, it also impacts other aspects of their health and emotional well being.
  • Nutritional intake, lifestyle factors, illnesses or chest-impact accidents may also impact your health or implant replacement timing.

Be sure you attend ANNUAL REVIEWS with your Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne.

  • Alert your Surgeon to any changes in your breast appearance, breast shape and other related concerns.
  • Attend ALL ANNUAL reviews as recommended; including the 10 year more-intensive investigation such as a scan (earlier if you have a concern).

If you have no issues with your implants, and regularly attend annual follow up appointments, then at about the 10 years mark, your Surgeon may request an MRI or other assessment to help investigate the durability of your implants (in place).

Recommended Reading:

How long do implants last? Breast Implant Warranties from Manufacturers such as Motiva or Mentor

Procedure information on Explantation of Implants (Surgery Page).

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