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Video of Amea May’s Lip Flip: Filler v’s Botox

Plastic Surgery Videos: Eyelid Surgery (Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty)

Hear from Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZO/FACS, our Eyelid Surgery Expert (VIDEO)

Case Study Eyelid Video Link and Excerpts

Another Eyelid Surgery Video (Case Study article and YouTube video link for Eyelid Surgery) covering Blepharoplasty Surgery Recovery | Australia (Melbourne) | Dr Burt FRANZCO/FACS.


Plastic Surgery explanation Video featuring Surgeon Dr Douglas McManamny

Hear from Dr Douglas McManamny, FRACS (Plas) – Facelift Expert (Introductory Video) – discuss information evenings covering Breast Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Facelift surgery and Cosmetic Injections


Plastic Surgery Revision Surgery – Video featuring Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten, FRACS (Plas)

Hear from Makeover Surgery expert for Breast & Abdominoplasty procedures for women about revision or follow-up procedures after major cosmetic plastic surgery.

  • Video Topic: Surgery Corrections (Revision Surgery)
  • Why some surgery will require further refinements in about 12 months
  • Minimal corrections for body contouring 1 year after original surgery

Plastic Surgery Cost Differences – Video featuring Patient Care Team Manager, Michelle Staughton

How much will your Cosmetic Procedure Cost?

  • Costs of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in Melbourne VIC and throughout Australia can vary widely.
  • Visit our RESOURCE pages and COST pages for procedure details and prices – learn why cosmetic surgery costs are different from doctor to doctor in Australia.
  • Part of cost differences relates to the type of expertise your Surgeon has, their qualifications; where they operate, and what’s fully included in terms of a quote – versus a “surprise extra expense” that sometimes happens to people who fall for low-rate advertisements that may not be accurate.

Watch this Video and Read more the COST of cosmetic surgery review in our blog

Do rebates apply for Plastic Surgery?

Does Medicare cover Plastic Surgery? MBS Item Code Update for Plastic Surgery – November 2018.


How soon can I exercise after Breast Surgery?

  • Patients often ask, when can I return to exercise after breast surgery?
  • The answer is dependent on a number of things.
  • Watch the following Video to find out basic guidelines for returning to exercise.
  • Remember, however, that your SURGEON’s advice may differ.
  • Follow your own Surgeon’s advice as this is a general overview only.


How natural will I look after Plastic Surgery?

  • Looking natural after Plastic Surgery – such as a Facelift procedure – is absolutely possible.
  • Dr Douglas McManamny FRACS (Plas) from Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men here in Melbourne, speaks about achieving natural looking results from plastic surgery on any area of the body, including a natural looking facelift.

Youtube link:


Cosmetic Surgeon vs Plastic Surgeon: Key Differences



























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Cosmetic Surgeon vs Plastic Surgeon: Key Differences
Not all Surgeons who offer Cosmetic Surgery are alike in their medical training, surgical qualifications, specialities and technical expertise.



Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Video Library

These Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery videos will teach you about Breast Surgery, Body and Face Surgery and Skin Treatments. All the Plastic surgery videos are in a constant state of development to bring you the most powerful patient education videos.

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